WorldWiFi and How the Platform is Runnning

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For some people, the concept created by the WorldWiFi platform is pretty interesting; not to mention that it is also generous, designed for the best of the world. By working together, it is believed that any problem should be solved efficiently and effectively, no matter how difficult or complicated it is. Of course, it takes some determination and also good will from everyone involved,but if you can contribute and take part in the plan, why not taking the action immediately, right?

The World’s Problem

In today’s modern world, would you believe that there are some people who have limited access to the internet? These people may not have the money to pay for the internet service; thus, they are left with the options as if they were still living in the Middle Age.

You may not realize this, but the limited access to the net can change a life. Imagine this, everything is now run by technology, even the internet, right? Economy, business, education, work, professional arrangement, etc are all done through the technology of the digital world.

Can you imagine what would happen if you are completely shut down from it? Yes, the opportunity for work or even a better life will be shut down too. Forget about being able to transform your life into a better one-you won’t be able to get a decent information or probably a job.

The Role of WorldWiFi

WorldWiFi is determined to change it all. With their ideas of providing free network, those who don’t have the internet access can make use of the service. These free users may be required to do something as a change for the free service but they aren’t asked much. They get at least get a free service legally without having to break or violate the law.

To achieve this purpose, several main groups should be involved because each of them has their own specific role. Each group should support each other and plays a crucial role in the free WiFi access provision. That’s why this plan involves three major groups of router owners, advertisers, and users. From the names, you probably can guess what their role is.

The router owners provide the free internet access, and get cryptocurrency reward for their generosity. The reward is provided by the advertisers, who are targeting certain market for their product development as well as analytic assessment – as well as business development. The users can get free access without having to spend a dime although they may be required to view the ads (provided by the advertisers).

This is the ideal concept that WorldWiFi is trying to achieve. Aside from the concept of working together – globally – they are trying to embrace the new technology with cryptocurrency. Router owners will be rewarded by the cryptocurrency, which is basically the same as the traditional money.

Final Words

If you are interested in the idea, and you want to learn more about this platform, feel free to come to the official website. You can also take part in the WorldWiFi development, if you want to.


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