Ubiatarplay and the Implementation of Avatars in Real Life

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You probably have seen a movie where a robot is used to represent someone in a real life. What’s the function, anyway? Well, the robot performs daily activities of the person while the user is actively operating the robot from afar.

The idea is to promote a safer and somewhat more hygiene lifestyle for the user. He remains safe with all the technologies and gadgets while the robot will be the one getting all the exposure.

Almost similar concept and idea is implemented by Ubiatarplay and their basic operation. However, instead of a robot, this platform uses a real human to represent others. You see, in this big and wide world, it is so easy to be mesmerized by the ideas of world exploration. Unfortunately, we all have our own limitations.

Some people have limited budgets that won’t allow them travel. Some people may have physical disabilities that won’t allow them to climb high places or even deep oceans. All of these limitations, however, can be overcome with the right surrogate body – and this is how this platform comes into existence.

Unique Concept

Supposed you are always fascinated by the London Eye or you want to dive in the Caribbean Sea. Instead of going there by yourself (which is going to cost you a fortune), why not hiring an Avatar and experience everything through their eyes, as if you were experiencing everything on your own? With Ubiatarplay, you should be able to find avatars from any places in the world, complete with their own offer and services.

Let’s say that you find someone from London who is willing to take the London Eye experience for an exchange of 20 Ubiatarplay tokens. Or you may find someone living in the Caribbean Sea willing to take 30 minutes of dive for an exchange of 30 Ubiatarplay tokens. With this platform, finding any service with any offer is possible – and you can talk things through before signing up the contract.

So, how do you manage things in this platform anyway? First of all, you can explore around this platform – you should be able to find different offers from different users all over the world. Each of them has their own special offer for an exchange with a certain amount of tokens.

Depending on your wants and needs, you can choose the different services. Feel free to contact each user and discuss things. Once everything is set, then you can draw up a smart contract that will ensure the implementation of the activities.

Based on the smart contract, the activity can be done right away or on a specific schedule – everything is set based on your preference. The payment can be managed through Escrow system so it is a win-win solution for everyone.

The Technologies in Use

One of the reasons why this platform is promising is because of the many technologies being included in the operation. Blockchain technology, for a starter, will provide a transparent and open platform.

Everything is recorded and kept, so there won’t be any possibility of scam or fraud. And then the use of cryptocurrency makes payment easier. Instead of fiat money, the cryptocurrency is viewed more ideal as an effective method of payment.

And there is the smart contract and also Escrow system – everything is designed to protect all the involved parties. No more monkey business or hidden agenda. All of the operations will be laid out clearly from the beginning.

Various Perks and Benefits

Besides being your representative in the world, your avatar will have other benefits and functions.

  • You can be anywhere you like without having to spend an exorbitant of money.
  • The safe platform and the smart contract will protect your rights
  • The cost for world exploration is less expensive than the real cost
  • You can stay connected with other people from all around the world
  • The platform uses a rating system which will provide information about a user and an avatar in general
  • Besides representing you, the avatar can be used for other purposes, such as buying you things, taking pictures of the sceneries, etc.

UbiatarplayTokens and Their Roles

The only currency for this platform is the Ubiatarplay token and nothing else – not even fiat money. The idea is to support the development and use of the tokens, supporting adoption and use of the currency to keep its value stable.

Anyone interested in making an investment is encouraged to buy the tokens. You can always buy the tokens by visiting the official website, click on the provided link, and finalize the purchase. It’s not difficult to be a Ubiatarplay member, after all.


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