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In handling financial problems, income and so forth, here SSOT Health has its own standards. The benchmark has been embodied in the business plan carefully.

That way, then the possibility of realization is also higher. Well, if you are curious about every business plan, you can directly refer to various information in the following reviews.

Funding And Budget SEHR Token

In this one point, the discussion will focus on SEHR. While SEHR itself is a limited supply token. Next, enter the discussion, here for the SHER token, the total number or totals reaching 1000 million. half of this figure, or 500 million on offer either through the pre-sale and main sale.

While for the remaining 500 million, or the other half, will be allocated to the foundation and community teams. This allocation has details of 20% for the community, 18% for the entire team, 9% for the long-term budget and the remaining 3% allocated for Token Sale Expenses.

SSOT Vesting Schedule

In essence, the vesting schedule is one of the methods with its fair and transparent nature in which the method aims to reward the team gradually. With this vesting schedule, it is hoped that there will be a focus on the purpose of giving the award so that it will affect the development of the company and the platform.

Related to the vesting schedule itself there several more details that need to know. Among them is the Vesting Schedule starting from the date of sale Token is completed. In addition, in relation to tokens, tokens that have been reserved at the time of allocation shall be subject to the vesting schedule specified. This token also cannot be sold at a discount until the published price appears.

Next, to the workings of this vast itself is, every Team Member who gets 1,000 SSOT tokens with a vesting schedule of 20% every 6 months, on each vesting pickle, for 30 months, will receive 200 tokens.

Use of Proceeds

In the use of results that have been obtained, of course, there has been planning and not necessarily allocated. While the planning, they will be reviewed at once approved by government council. And for the percentage of allocation alone, here the most get the part is in terms of development with a figure reaching 49%. Furthermore, the allocation of these results is for subscribers with percentage 19%, 12% for the community, 11% for education, admin 7% and 3% for power management.

SSOT Network Stakeholders Model

Next, here you must know about SSOT Network Stakeholders Model. And For SSOT network revenue will be collected in SSOT. After that, this revenue will be set in 4 categories. They are the marketplace, subscribers, partners, and customers. As for the division, each category will get the same quota with a percentage of 25%.

That is the review of SSOT Health Foundation Financials. Some of the above discussions will give you an idea of how SSOT health develops itself in some future timeframe. This is because, in other words, the description contains some business plans from SSOT health itself.


  • Q1, 2018 >> SSOT Blockchain platform under development as of Jan 2017, Wide-reaching marketing campaign (underway). Token Event pre-sale (underway).
  • Q2, 2018 >> The First pilot will be deployed in a Hospital system. The SEHR token will be listed in popular, high volume Exchanges.
  • Q3, 2018 >> SSOT Pharmacy BlockChain Framework Release.
  • Q1, 2019 >> SSOT Health Insurance Claims Blockchain Framework Release.
  • Q2, 2019 >> SSOT Health Introduces open source for interoperable API for top EHR application.
  • Q3, 2019 >> SSOT Health Insurance Claims Blockchain Framework Release.
  • Q1, 2020 >> SSOT Health Introduces Global Patience ID (GPID) and fully operable plugin to any SEHR.


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