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Data theft is one of the biggest problems in online business. Many people are willing to pay dearly or do things to know the data of the company or others; because it’s worth it. Not many people know that data is an asset that has a high selling value. The reasons are diverse, but certainly, data theft is often done as a way to deceive others.

For example, if you can have someone’s banking data, and then you can transact or extract the person’s funds. The trick is not easy, but at least, if you can have other people’s data then you already have the main capital to do it.

Nuggets is a platform created as a safe for all your data. Normally, Nuggets does not have the authority to open or even know your data (except for certain cases). Nuggets is an all-in-one app. This application makes it possible to secure and use your data for various purposes with just a few clicks.

All the information you store in Nuggets can only be used after you have logged in to the app using biometric verification. This biometric verification feature uses a pixel-based system that will confirm your fingerprint. You do not need to enter a password; your password is your fingerprint. Such security is rarely used. Biometric security systems are often used to secure electronic devices. After you successfully log in, then you can use this application to do various things.

Problems faced by data security

Data theft is a goldmine on the internet. These data thieves can use and get a lot of things from the data they get. The most common is the use of stolen data to increase the number of users of a platform (subscribers).

E-commerce platforms that earn revenue from subscribers and traffic will certainly do things to get more users. Users of stolen data (accounts) are usually amateur blog owners who play with SEO. How can someone’s data or account get hacked/stolen? The answer is password. Many people have the skills to know or break other people’s passwords, but in the Nuggets, that kind of thing will be very difficult to be done. As already mentioned, that Nuggets uses biometric security that indicates that only the users can open and use the data.

E-payment data is also one of the most desirable data by hackers. These hackers are eyeing money owned by others. Your banking data may also be used by someone to buy something without you knowing it. Nuggets is a decentralized platform that allows your data to be known only to yourself. Even Nuggets cannot know your data unless you get permission from you or when faced with certain conditions (such as a legal case).

Passwords can often allow others to steal your data. Many people tend to use the same password for multiple accounts. The goal is that they do not need to remember many passwords. This is dangerous because when someone knows your password, they may use it to open your other data. Biometric security basically also uses one password for all. For thieves who want to steal your data, they must first ‘steal’ your fingerprint; which is impossible to do.

Deal with Nuggets

As a blockchain based application, Nuggets will connect you to many networks. Nuggets also allow you to make transactions using credit or debit cards and cryptocurrency. You certainly do not need to enter any personal information when you want to trade, just log in to your Nuggets account and your transaction will be completed in just a few clicks.

Nuggets make the transaction process easier than ever. No more typing, no more waiting, just click and done. Many platforms have complicated and tedious transaction procedures. The reason for this ‘inconvenience’ is security. The fact is those platforms are willing to know your data (even if they do not use it for bad).

Nuggets want to create more fun methods of transactions and certainly more secure. But now Nuggets users can only transact on multiple partner platforms. Nuggets continue to make efforts to expand cooperation with more platforms for users to have more choices. Development certainly requires a lot of funds, therefore Nuggets held fundraising through ICO.

The goal of the fundraising is not only as a medium for developing Nuggets application but also invites users and investors to enjoy the convenience and benefits of transacting using cryptocurrency.


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