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Sapien is a social media-like platform created to accommodate the extra needs of social media users.Currently social media is a place for many people to communicate, build networks, businesses, get information, and spread the many other things. Sapien has it all, but also gives you more.

The most prominent basic thing of Sapien (different from other social media platform) is SPN. Sapien allows its users to do more things through the SPN. For example, smartphone users often complain about the number of ads in the apps they use. Now no longer because with Sapien, you can interact with many premium app makers and simultaneously buy them using SPN.

SPN is a Sapien cryptocurrency. In addition to SPN, transactions on this platform can use Bitcoin and Ethereum. This may be doubtful, especially since the cryptocurrency exchange rates are unstable and relatively expensive. Platforms such as Sapien can actually be used by anyone, but basically this is intended for those who are familiar with the cryptocurrency or those who dare to take more risk.

Payment in Sapien

Sapien is a new medium in the field of cryptocurrency that can be used to make various payments; can only be done to pay partners who are already integrated with cryptocurrency. Its use is still limited, but Sapien continues to develop its partners to various fields.

Currently the payment that can be made through Sapien is mostly on the purchase of applications or software (incorporated in the Sapien network). Some of you may be skeptical about this, but it will surprise you with the latest apps you can get; many of them are apps that you might not find anywhere else.

Is it worth? Of course it is. Is that all that? No! As a platform that provides news, Sapien will reward every news you post on Sapien. Like most platforms and sites, the more people who read, comment,and share the news you write the more you can get.

Values and Features

Before discussing the features of Sapien, you should know about the core values of the platform. The core values are:

1. Democracy

The Sapien user is allowed to voice his opinion on many things; including efforts to develop Sapien. This is a great start, considering that only people who work on a platform can usually do it.

2. Privacy

Unlike other media that often show ads to its users, Sapien will only show the ads you want or even eliminate them. You do not have to pay to eliminate any existing ads; just few clicks and you’ll never see them again.

3. Free Speech

A basic principle that should be protected with disruptive tools.

4. Customizability

Like a site or blog, you can change the look of the Sapien interface as you like. This will certainly give an exclusive impression.

In addition, this platform is equipped with several features that will provide various advantages for its users. Here are some features you can get in Sapien:

1. Public/private browsing and subscriptions
2. Friends, groups, and posts
3. Feature-rich chat, and encryption


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