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If you are person who have investment using new-ecosystem value representation, then you need to know about Paypro. Paypro is decentralized application or also called with DApp that very helpful for any investment of this tokens.

This dApp also develop wallet where investor able to store their crypto currencies and other ERC-20 tokens. In instance, you are able to store Ethereum, bitcoin, or GAS in this dApp. The product service that offered by PayPro is supported by banking platform that will support the management of investment.

Paypro wallet

Paypro is accepting most cryptocurrencies forms. The Ethereum use will allow user for store their currencies. The main currency is Paypro Token where it will becomes the easiest ways for exchange to other currencies. The cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is increasing the values rapidly as it has growth in years. The trading and exchange of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies of course will need a value exchange.

How much is a bitcoin today is able to see in the wallet. To make it easier to reach, the wallet is able to download by online in mobile android. With this, users are able to use their tokens, buying any services in the marketplace. The Smart Contract will make the users guarantee having secure and effective transaction all the way.


As this platform as the future form of trading and exchange, then the marketplace is unavailable until 2019 on July. With this marketplace, the users are able to use their Paypro tokens for any transaction in the marketplace. The services include the loans and credits to token investment. When users store their token, they are able to make transaction such as paying and store their tokens.

The Security Guarantee

From the 100% issued tokens, there are only 40% from tokens are available on ICO. The paypro token is available from January 2017. The main sale bonus is available in several terms. The paypro token is the currency in the system and become facilitator for every transaction. As the third companies that facilitate users for exchange and trading their cryptocurrencies, the Paypro hold important role.

On the other hand, when you want to transaction using your tokens, you can buy bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM. If you are in Houston, you can find at least 22 location of Bitcoin ATM Houston that able to get. The Bitcoin ATM is the easiest way for selling and buying bitcoin. This is especially for those who need to make transaction with bitcoin for store or for paying. The rate for the transaction is can a little bit difference.

For example, at Meineke Car Care Center, you might meet the rate for buy rate at: 7.90% and sell at 7.90%. Meanwhile, in Coinsource, you meet with higher rate at 8.00%. The Bitcoin ATM provides the fastest and most secure method for turn the cash into bitcoin or bitcoin into cash. The ATM machine is available for 24 hours a week and the machine is made with user friendly that easier to use.

PayPro Team

Pablo Ruiz – CEO,company started up
Gabriel Llambias – CFO, COO,Blockchain geek
Enric Giribet – CTO,Blockchain expert
Qijiong Jiang – Blockchain developer
Roger Baiget – Developer
David Murray – MBA Class Advisor @ IE Business School
Maximilian Von Sethe – Finance & Banking Manager @ Google
Luis Font – companies exited
Rafael Conde del Pozo – Director of Innovation @ Vector ITC Group
Franc Carreras – Marketing Prof. @ ESADE
Julian Vinue – Advisor



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