Parenting education with Family Points Coin

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Family Points is a platform that not only sells products but also provides parent education to its users. Things like this have been done by many other platforms, but the quality of the content available is clearly different. Each educational content available on the platform is created by associated professionals. Family Points is not a platform that uses the services of a spinner-content article writer, the platform only contains content that can be justified.

All content is accessible to everyone in the ecosystem. Each user can choose how they will be paid; Fiat or the currency. Platforms are aware that they cannot force anyone to change to using cryptocurrency. This awareness opens opportunities for users who want to transact via fiat.

One thing to keep in mind is that the use of fiat in the Family Points ecosystem has several restrictions; not all content and services are accessible with fiat. Fiat is more for purchases of products in the form of goods, some educational content and some services only.

As a company that has its own cryptocurrency, Family Points is giving priority to users who have a coin in their wallet. This is done so that users not only take advantage of the platform but also can play an active role as investors. Investors have a very important role.

The investors determine the viability of the platform. The currency is a means of Family Points to obtain the necessary funds to develop, obtain profits and rewards. However, once again, as a platform that wants to provide education for parents to more people, the platform still allows its users to use the fiat.

Family Points’ ICO

There are several ways in which you can get Family Points coins. ICO is the main way to buy the coins at a cheaper price. ICO is usually accompanied by platform launches; platforms that have received several changes, improvements, and development. The ICO is also used as a fundraising event. ICO is the most effective fundraiser at this time. Through blockchain technology, everyone around the world can invest safely.

Family Points provides 500 million tokens to sell in two stages; presale and ICO. The pre-sale phase will take place on February 21, 2018. At this stage, Family Points will sell the 20% token. This stage will also be used as a test stage. After buying the token, each user can start testing the platform.

At this time, the platform will test everything in the system. The use of currency as a transaction tool and the security of the wallet are the two most important things that must be tested at this stage. In presale, Family Points will also evaluate the performance of the partners. Each user will provide a review of the advantages and disadvantages that exist on the platform.

The next stage is ICO. The ICO will begin on February 28 until March 28, 2018. The coin will be sold for 10 cents/tokens. The platform establishes a minimum financing limit of 3 million dollars and a maximum of 25 million dollars. If the minimum fundraising goal can be achieved, this platform will be officially launched, but otherwise, all money raised (including those from the advance sale) will be returned to the participants.


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