iShook ICO Review-Books are the carriers of civilization

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There are so many aspiring authors in this world. The problem is there is a limited platform to get them known more. The market is not small, thus it is hard to keep up and get satisfying results. The fierce rivalry of the authors, as well as the company, cannot be avoided.

About iShook

One of the latest technology called iShook has come to help the author promotes his or her work more. The new technology is relatively new and is still developing. However, it is promising enough for the future technology for eBooks promotion.

iShook is ready to give the best promotion for the author. It is because the target market is international market. It will broaden the readers of the book as well as helping the authors to get his or her book recognized more. Just like the technology nowadays which is helping people to get anything they need without going anywhere. This application also offers the same for the book distribution.

With more than 60.000 books already available on the platform, the market is already showing a big competition between its authors. Do not worry because they already set the standard royalties for the content makers. There are also some ways to get more royalties.

Benefits of Joining iShook

The content creators can receive additional royalties for their work in the form of token. The token can be used to push the promotion of the book. More promotion means more sales. It will help the work of the author get recognized more by putting it on the ‘recent works’ and ‘new releases’.

The creators could also get more money because of the one by one chat engagement with the readers. This is a new world offered by them because the access is really interesting. Talking to the one who made the book? It is not a simple offer because the readers can get a new perspective by talking directly to the creator. It is a new world because it has always been what the readers want all this time.

Final Words

In conclusion, there are three big benefits that would be got once you publish your book on this platform. The first one is that you will receive royalty through the token option. The next one is that you can access the advertising option in iShook. It will help not only to get you more money from the sales, but it will also help to boost the popularity of your work.

The last one is that you can host a q and a session one by one with your reader. It is a paid option, so you would get money from the hold discussion as well as close bond with your reader.

The application is still developing, so it is not impossible that you can also get more ways to get a royalty from your work. It is simple but will make the author has a broader range of readers as well as close bond with them through a platform online called iShook.


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