Investa-An Innovative Blockchain-Based Integrated Financial Platform

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One of the platforms that started its pre-sale on this 1 Mei, Investa offers a variety of interesting offers for you. here Investa combines fintech, banking and crypto technology in its platform. This can provide various benefits if you become one of its customers. And for now, Investa itself is focused on the launch that will be done in 2018 with the scheduled end of the year. Well, if you are interested, please you see more reviews below.

The State of Play

Aside from simple exchange, to manage their crypto investment easily, the crypto community currently lacks strong investment. This is due to the lack of a credible financial services platform. with this, there is a gap in the market for platforms that provide innovative services and take proper care of their users’ safety. with such a gap, here Investa emerges by utilizing smart contracts and blockchain technology.

With both also, Investa offers a variety of features that can optimize the user experience in various services as well. it also offers some other important things like Crypto Debit Card, Investa Launchpad, Investa Enterprise Financing Platform, INV Exchange Platform and others.

INV Exchange Platform

Here Investa has an exchange platform called INV. here’s the multi-currency payment gateway in the Investa ecosystem itself. the INV platform will be launched within 60 days after token and offer sales ends. several such offerings such as Multi-asset Compatibility, Managed the portfolio of crypto fund assets, for active investment into leading pre-ICO, best exchange rates and transaction fees, secure decentralized storage and direct access to various services.

INV Tokens

Which is called the INV token is a smart contract token with its base Ethereum. publishing the token will be done after the public sale is complete. on its own investment platform, INV will be used as a means of payment by each token holder in various services on the available application. This token can also be placed in some programs by the token holder to lend to various small businesses.

In addition to some of these functions, this token can be utilized in making payment instruments in various upcoming investment events such as annual crypto conferences, INV roadshows, or mindshare forums. the last function of this INV token can also load an investment prepaid debit card.

INV Token Sales

Investa will hold public token sales from the ERC223 token. This aims to ensure the smooth launch of this platform in 2018 as well as in its development. the number of INV available for purchase during the token sale is 30 million. this amount represents a 60% percentage of the total amount of 50 million.

For pre-sale of this token starting from 1 May at a rate of 1 USD = 2.5 INV and bonuses of 60% to 30% and the launch of 10 million. access to this is available only to whitelist members. Then in the next round, when the pre-sale ends, will do INV token sales with a bonus of 20% to 5%.


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