How Seal Deals with Counterfeit Issues by Providing Right-on Solutions

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Dealing with counterfeiting problem isn’t easy because the industry is super lucrative, causing it to spawn and expand uncontrollably. The ones counterfeiting the products may be able to generate huge earning but they hurt the original industry really bad. It is always sad to deal with counterfeiting action because it disrespects the real idea and creativity. Creativity is priceless but, unfortunately, it isn’t appreciated. People at Seal understand this problem very well. They have observed the condition as well as creating solutions to address the issue.

Issues and Solutions

First of all, the main core of the problem starts with the difficulty to trace a product. When a company manufactures something and it is traceable, the rest is easy. Aside from making tracking easy, it narrows down the possibility of making a counterfeit item. That’s why this platform is offering an idea to embed a chip into every product. They also create an app that can be used not only to check the product but also to track, trace, and activate other features.

Another problem generally takes place in the secondhand market. You are probably sure that you have bought a genuine product because you directly buy from the authorized seller. But what if you are bored and you decide to sell it? In the traditional system, once you sell the item, there is no way to verify its authenticity. The buyers won’t know whether they are buying real or fake products. With Seal, however, it is going to be different. Since the platform is using the advanced technology, ownership transfer is possible. If you use the platform, the record of such a transaction will be kept.

By the time you are selling and the buyer is paying for the product, the ownership title will be transferred from you to him/her. In this way, the buyer is sure that the product is genuine and the ownership title is no longer under your name, but his/her name. There are still many objectives that Seal is trying to achieve. Product analytics or custom integration will be their next project development, but for now, they are focusing on the authenticity verification and ownership registration.

Hopefully, this platform is going to get positive feedback and response allowing them to grow and develop. It would be a shame if such a great platform fails simply because it is not as popular as the others. After all, we have to appreciate their efforts in combating counterfeit issue – something that is rarely addressed or dealt with.

Token Functionality

There are many usages of the token if you take a look at the concept. Naturally, investors can always take a part in the ICO investment. They should take part in the token sale event and buy the token while its price is at its lowest. The token is also used as the main currency so everything done on the platform will have to use it. Moreover, it is used to unlock access and services to the platform. In case you want to learn more about Seal token functionality, contact the customer support.


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