Grasping the Chance for Profit with Wealth Migrate

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Real estate has become a promising business lately. Many people tried to gain any profits from this business. Wealth Migrate is a platform which is focusing on real estate business. They tried to help lessen the gap in people wealth by providing a chance to lay people’s hand on real estate business.

It is risky, that is for sure. However, it is sure challenging option for both the platform and the participants. Wealth Migrate has been out for about five years since October 2013. They have declared to focus on the real estate ownership. Their platform has invested USD 392 million worth real estate investment.

The transactions have been done for more than 1.700 transactions with investors from 46 countries. All of the transactions are verified by blockchain. The members of their platform come from 111 countries. The membership has increased by 63.9%. Wealth Migrate named as one of KPMG’s Leading Global Fintech Top 50 platform as the first collaborative smart investment platform in blockchain technology.

Benefits on the Future

The investment that they promised can be seen as the expectation in the future. Thus, it is safe to say that there is a risk on the platform. However, they are trying their best to work their way out to make sure that the participants who hold the token of Wealth Migrate can get the best from the payment that they had done.

With their record as being one of the best blockchain technology platform, it is worth to try and test it out. The system is still growing and tried to expand the ecosystem of the system to make sure that the participants will get benefit from it.

They promised that in five years, they will continue to grow to become a trusted marketplace for real estate globally. This would make sure the investors will invest safely with equal opportunities for everyone. They will also make sure the customer service is sufficient to answer every problem that their participants face. It will help on the growth of the Wealth Migrate as a company.

How to Buy the Token

The token of the platform is called WealthE™ Coin (WRE). They can be bought on the official platform of Wealth Migrate. There are eight major forces of change in the platform by buying the token.

Firstly, it will reduce the risk for the investor by focusing on the social commerce and collaborative investing. They will also help the rise of the middle class in the real estate market. Wealth Migrate also focuses on globalization in which the investors able to access across countries, assets as well as the currency.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency will make sure to increase the trust and reduce the costs of the business. After that, they will make sure to empower the wealth by 99%. Wealth Migrate will give power and freedom to people in their investments. They will also have a great impact in creating a good planet with the great and advanced system.


Scott Picken-Founder & CEO
Jaco Maritz -COO
Kevin Allen-Funding Project Manager
Paul Niederer-Board Member & Head of Global Marketplace Roll-Out
Hennie Bezuidenhoudt-Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board
Dolf de Roos-President
Louw Viljoen-CFO
Machiel Lucas-PMO
Denise Hardeman-CMO
Linden Booth-Team and Culture
Cliff Kayat-Software Engineering
Janie Keuris-Operations
Willie Oelofse-Asset Management
Laurika Fourie-Financial Manager
Justin Clarke-Board Member
Martin Freeman -Board Member
Pieter Feenstra-Board Member


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