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Dbrain Token or DBR is a payment tool that will be used to purchase data and receive rewards. The use of cryptocurrency is based on the number of Internet users who do not yet have access to international payments.

Even if you already have it, users of international payments still have to bear various administrative costs. Users of international banks are often confused with the additional cost of any transaction or payment they make.

In terms of buying and selling data, some providers also impose the same system used by banks (high commission and non-transparent). Vendors provide benefits or rewards to labellers, but the data will be entirely owned by the vendor.

This is clearly detrimental to the user because their data can be exchanged at the developer without any fee or reward to the taggers. Many vendors take up to 40% of every transaction made by its users. This means that users will only receive 40% of what they do. But again, taggers are bound by rules set by suppliers and must comply with them.

With DBR, Dbrain wants to maximize the benefits of its users. Dbrain will inform in a transparent manner the commissions to be taken for each transaction. Dbrain will only take 10% of the total transaction, not taggers. This means that each label maker will receive a payment of almost 100%.

The great reward due to Dbrain appreciates the investment made by the members of the ecosystem. Dbrain is a platform that can work with the financial help of each user. To use the Dbrain platform or application, each user must purchase DBR token. This is how Dbrain used to raise funds; often called crowdfunding.

DBR: The main investment and transaction tool inside the ecosystem

In the first quarter of 2018, Dbrain will launch a trial version of the Telegram platform and Bot application that can be used by crowd workers for labelling. In order to use it, users must purchase a token and a pre-ICO and ICO. Dbrain hopes to raise $ 2.5 million to continue its business.

The fundraising will take place in 3 stages; pre-sales, ICO and regular purchases (purchases after ICO). The presale will offer cheap chips, ICO will obviously be more expensive, and the most expensive is the piece sold on regular purchases. Nevertheless, the price of the token will also be influenced by investor interest.

Price increases are influenced by the number of tokens sold in advance. If the presale target is not reached, the price of the token on ICO will also remain the same. When the objectives of the ICO are not achieved, all the money will be returned and Dbrain will destroy all the tokens they have.

ICO will be implemented in the second quarter of 2018. This will be done at the same time as the launch of the full version of the application and the Dbrain platform. This is also the moment that determines the continuity of Dbrain’s activity. Dbrain can continue its business if a sales target of $ 2.5 million can be achieved.

Dbrain Team

Dmitry Matskevich-Chief Executive Officer
Aleksey Hahunov-Chief Technical Officer
Ivan Gorshunov-Chief Marketing Officer
Dima Dewing-Chief Design Officer
Yobie Benjamin-Co-founder of
Ed Gurinovich-Founder of Caprice and Carmony.
Vadim Fedchin-MSc in Law and Finance, Oxford University.
Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson-Co-founder of Ethnicsnet.
Dr Antti Saarnio-Co-founder of Jolla, founder of Zipper Global.
Matthew Graham-Founder and CEO at Sino Global Capital.
Ilya Glazyrin-Managing Partner of Salarian Capital, crypto and equity investment solutions provider.


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