The Decentralization Solution for Today’s Financial System

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Debitum is a unique project. It aims bigger scale than other similar financial-related projects. The main concern of this project is the limitation in providing debt and financial solution in the world. The old method, which still currently has been used, is the centralized system.

This system only allows the borrowers and loan provider to use one way to get financial help. They need to follow the road that goes pass through the bank and similar financial institution. From the surface, it doesn’t look like having a problem. But, if we look at it with future preference, this system only holds the development of today’s business.

Small and emerge scale is the one that affected by this system. They don’t have a capability in getting the fund that they need to develop their business even further. Even though they can get the fund, they have to deal with many problems and went through difficult road.

Debitum Solution

Debitum is the project that uses Blockchain as its base. With this system, Debitum team has a plan to make the financial world become more decentralized. This new financial environment will provide a method where everyone, loan provider, and borrower, can be connected in simpler and faster way.More than that, this system also doesn’t require too much budget to run and realize. This is what the current financial institution can’t provide.

However, Debitum project doesn’t change the system instantly. For now, they plan to combine it with the current system, by using fiat money. Until the crypto financial system has become mainstream or the commonly-used system in this world, they keep this hybrid concept. And, once it meets the condition, they will fully launch it with cryptocurrency as its main currency. According to Debitum team,to create this kind of environment, it will need around 5 years.

The Debitum system is also designed to be able to grow and develop naturally. They don’t force it.This system will be a community-based system. So, if there are more people join and community formed, the Debitum system will also grow and become even perfect. This is an actually good thing because the system that Debitum team offered is the trust-based system. So, using human as its main foundation is a good thing to do.

Debitum Token

Debitum has released their token since earlier 2017. They did it in two rounds. The round A has been finished, where they can collect around 1.2 million USD, from 4000 ETH token. And, after that, they also start the round B, where they release 20,000 ETH token.

Actually, this is promising, because you can still use the round B event to buy the token. The fund they get from this event will be used for developing this system, so it can be safely launched at the end of this year.

The Debitum token is important because this is like currency in Debitum Blockchain system. With the token, you can buy and get many services. This will be very useful for small business owners, who want to get financial help, loan and such. Overall, this is promising system that can provide innovative change.



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