Debitum Network Is a Brilliant Solution for ICO Small and Micro Business Financing Blockchain System

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Debitum Network is an interesting concept. It is a company funding small and micro business based on blockchain technology. The bank is usually the final destination for small business owners. With the help of blockchain, it is able to reduce tendency over the bank. It is a good solution for giving credit loans for small business.

What Is Debitum Network?

Debitum Network is aimed at functioning to be a platform offering unlimited funding for small and micro business. It is applied to give strong benefits and dynamic blockchain system to keep and distribute currency investment in that circumstance. It is based on decentralized principles,accessibility, fair, and new chances where small and micro business are able to access critical fund growth.

Debitum Network is aimed at handling credit difference in small business environment. It is strongly taking over a control from banking institutions and unfair credit loan. The small business currently fight for centered bank access. That’s why it is trying to overcome this problem. The use of this platform will be connected freely and facilitate unlimited transactions freely from high cost and rules.

What Is Team for Debitum Network Founder?

Founder team of Debitum Network consists of co founder or visionary being a successful entrepreneur and businessman. It also has a co founder or partner relations handling some problems and field in this platform. There are many more teams and advisors involved in this platform. The professional team is able to give brilliant solutions and ways related to credit loans.

Debitum Network Details

Debitum Network ICO currently lives. The token sales is success to get fund up to 6000 ethereum. If you want to buy debitum token, you have chances to get discounts up to 5%. DEB token is a token based on ERC20. The price of DEB token is 1 ETH = 6850 token.

The minimum purchase is 0,05 ETH. Debitum Network is operating to original crypto signature called Debitum or DEB. This platform will integrate advanced learning knowledge for atomizing additional services and combine blockchain to blockchain communication automatically. It is used to remove asset and loans.

Debitum platform is built to be a partnership between Debifo, an alternative funding platform offering portfolio and Inntec, IT Northern company with more projects. It will be used to produce and earn needed fund to develop and expand micro business. It is launching DEB token for small and micro business during token crowdsale. Debitum Network is early coin offer that is greatly supported by a number of financial companies and big IT companies. It becomes a solid investment.

Solutions from Debitum Network

There are some offered solutions from debitum network for actors of small and micro business. Token sales and chance joins are given. With this chance, it is supporting to make this platform big and successful to expand big business. It is releasing DEB token.

The token can be lended by small and micro business actors for funding their business. The blockchain technology takes ethereal basis with one crowdsale stage. It is really beneficial for sides requiring currency and ethereum easily.


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