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There are several ways to get cryptocurrency or bitcoins. One of them is by visiting online exchange merchant. Cobinhood.com is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange merchant which will help people to trade cryptocurrency easily. Before doing the process, let’s talk more about this exchange merchant including the services, benefits, and development.

The Overview of Cobinhood

In general, Cobinhood is an online exchange merchant for cryptocurrency trading. The different is that this exchange merchant doesn’t take any fee from the members. That’s why Cobinhood is known as the first zero fee exchange merchant in the world.

Cryptocurrency traders are able to do any kind of transactions without spending extra money. Moreover, you are supported by the latest features to make the trading process easily and faster. In short, Cobinhood is trying to serve cryptocurrency traders for better trading experience and get more benefits from this platform.

Important Features

After signup as a member, you have a right to use all the features installed on Cobinhood to support your trading. Those are including account verification, trading, UI, and many more.

  • Account Verification

    Before using the services offered by Cobinhood, you must be a member first. This is the reason why you have to use the account verification feature. You must have an account and verified the account. After verifying the account, you are able to make deposit or withdraw and any kind of activities related to cryptocurrency trading.

  • Trading

    Just like what this exchange merchant wants to offer, you are able to trade cryptocurrency whether you want to buy or sell it. There are several trading pairs available such as Bitcoins and US Dollar. In the future, the trading pair will be added to meet the needs of the traders.

  • UI

    Understanding all the detail within the exchange merchant is very important. The problem is that not all traders understand English well. This is the reason why, Cobinhood is launched UI feature. Today, this online platform is ready with English and simplified and traditional Chinese languages. In the future, there will be more languages so everyone around the world who can’t read English well are able to understand the information served by this exchange merchant by using their mother tongue language.

Steps to Start Using Cobinhood

It is stated above that you need to have an account and verified it. So, what do you have to do if you want to create an account? The way to create an account to start cryptocurrency is easy. You just need to have an active email account and password. By submitting those two requirements, it is one step closer to become a member. To finish it up, you have to fill the additional requirements. The requirements are based on the level you want to take. For example, to continue to the next level you have to add your real name which written on the password, your country, birth date, and phone number.

To complete the next level and verified your account, you have to add your residence address, password, filled in investment questionnaire, and information about FACTA and taxpayer ID only for US members. If you want to get more benefits from Cobinhood, you may continue to the next level of stated as level 3. To fill this level, you have to add your proof of residence, bank account, filled in KYC form, and your photo with passport and note. By passing through each of the levels, you will get benefits from Cobinhood. The most important, it makes you comfortable and fun while trading the cryptocurrency.

The Benefits of Using Cobinhood

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the benefits you will get when you pass or complete all the level above. The good news, by only pass the first level or level 0 you are able to make unlimited crypto deposit. This benefit is for all levels.

The different benefit between the level 0 and the next three levels are on the crypto withdrawal.If you are only passing through the level 0 in the verification requirements, you are not allowed to do crypto withdrawal yet. You can start to make crypto withdrawal if you continue the process into level 1 up to the level 3. The amount of money to withdraw is different for each level.

For example, you want to make a withdrawal but you are still in level 1. If it is so, you can only make a withdrawal for about US$10.000 for daily limits and US$50.000 for monthly limits. On the other hand, for those who are using this service up to the level 2 you are able to make withdrawal up to US$20.000 for daily limits and US$100.000 for monthly limits.

The third level is a little bit different because you may withdraw the crypto and fiat. For the crypto withdrawal, the amount is up to US$200.000 for daily limits and US$1.000.000 for monthly limits. For those who take fiat currency, the withdrawal amount is US$15.000 for daily limits and US$200.000 for monthly limits.

Steps to Verify Your Account

To verify your Cobinhood account, you have to do several steps.

  1. First, you have to login to your personal account first
  2. Second, check the top right button available there. Click the button and you will see a menu slide out.
  3. Third, there are several options on the menu. Find the account option and click it.
  4. Fourth, by the time you clicking the account option, you have to continue the process by choosing limits.
  5. Fifth, now you will see 4 different limits start from the level 0 up to level 3. You just need to choose the level you want to follow while running your cryptocurrency transaction.
  6. Sixth, after choosing the best level based on what you want, it is a must to complete the requirements and make sure that everything is right.

When the requirements are fulfilled, your Cobinhood account is verified and you are ready to use the features for cryptocurrency transactions.

Safety Features for Cobinhood Users

Besides doing the cryptocurrency transactions, most beginner traders are asking about the safety of this exchange merchant. Actually, you don’t need to worry about the safety of this service. This is concerning to the fact that Cobinhood is protecting their system by using the latest technology. Just imagine that your cryptocurrency is protected by using up to 8 geo distributed hardware security modules to open.

Definitely, it is a disaster for intruders or thieves who want to open your account and take your cryptocurrency deposit. Moreover, you can also save your cryptocurrency safely and well managed with the help of online wallet. The online wallet is also supported by insurance for extra protection. Bug bounty is also released soon. It is the stage 2 and this bug bounty is supported by specific improvements.

The bug bounty stage 2 is open until 31st December 2017 and it will be distributed started from January up to 31st January 2018. For the older members, you don’t need to get confuse if you can’t find the report bug. Along with the release of bug bounty stage 2, the report bug is removed from the option.

So, how can you send your problem claim? Actually, it is not totally removed because you can do the claim through customer support ticket. When you want to make problem claim, you can go t the customer support ticket and choose the bug report anytime you want to submit the ticket.

The Performance of Cobinhood

The performance is also an important thing to know before using this online exchange merchant. This online cryptocurrency exchange merchant is designed along with the latest system and technology to support its performance. Let say, there is a high tech matching engine which useful to process up to millions orders or transactions along with sub millisecond latency.

The high tech system is also useful to support the process including distribution, availability, and automatic scalability. Along with such kind of technology and system, you will get the best crypto currency trading experience around the world.

Future Programs from Cobinhood

Cobinhood is trying to develop their service more and more. One of them is creating an application which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. The main idea is how to help cryptocurrency traders who want to trade anytime and anywhere by only using their beloved smartphones. That’s why Cobinhood Exchange app will be launched soon to meet this kind of need.

Soon, you are able to do any kind of transactions related to cryptocurrency trading from your smartphone. To introduce the easiness and benefits of using cryptocurrency for transactions including investment, Cobinhood has been announced their services through several popular media. You can find the information on Bloomberg, CNBC, Coinspeaker, Coindesk, Coinhills, and Reuters.

To increase trust and popularity to grab more and more traders, Cobinhood is launch specific service known as ICO. This service focuses on fundraising tactics. By using this service, you are able to get more benefits. There are also several features you can use to make the process more comfortable. For example, ICO has a specific feature known as immediate token listing. This feature is important to process anytime your ICO is ended. It works by listing the tokens from your personal account. Then, you can use the tokens for trading.

The best benefit is to prevent liquidity issue. High tech feature is installed to support any kind of transactions as well as to get more benefits. Let say, Cobinhood has smart contract review and technology integration. Those two features are effective to track your transactions as well as to improve your business model.

You don’t need to worry about the legal of this service. To get better cryptocurrency trading and activities, Cobinhood is protected by reputable and trusted lawyers. The main function is of course to reduce all the risks. This is including protecting the process and transactions related to white paper, paperwork ICO, the use of tokens, and traders’ identification. The final achievement is to get the best experience in the ICO process and activity.

Cobinhood is trying to create a good relationship with traders especially for those who want to make cryptocurrency for investment. It is shown by creating better strategic communication and social media to improve reputation and trusted. This is including developing strong relationship through increasing the technology to grab modern users to use cryptocurrency for daily transactions.

So, what is the benefit for traders? You will be easy to create transaction especially if you are considered as cryptocurrency investors. The more trusted people with Cobinhood, the more reputable members who will use the service. As the result, you can buy or sell cryptocurrency faster and easier in reasonable price. To get the latest information about this service, you can follow their social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram.

Detail Cryptocurrency Trading Tutorial for Beginners

How about if you are newbie or beginner cryptocurrency traders who want to use Cobinhood exchange merchant? You don’t need to worry about that because all of the details can be learned from the tutorial page. From this page, you can learn about how to set your personal account. Furthermore, you can also get more understanding about how to manage your funds faster and easier.

Do you want to start to trade? Don’t forget to learn more about the way to start the trading. It is very important so you can prevent the problem while doing it. The main goal is to give you the best trading experience with maximal result and benefits. One of the things you need to consider in trading is the cryptocurrency pairs. Just make sure that your trading plan is on the list of trading pairs to be a successful trader. This is including about how to learn more about order book, trade form, and how to make orders. Each of the tutorial is explained in detail and clearly so you can directly practice it on your personal account.

So, what do you think about Cobinhood and its services? It seems that this is the answer for those who are curious about cryptocurrency as well as cryptocurrency transactions. The curiosity will be answered completely by choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange merchant. This is the time to earn more benefits from cryptocurrency.


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