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Omnitude-The life of the is now era increasingly close to change the technology that often heard named ECommerce. ECommerce is being a simple solution and integration of market, especially for retail business. Based on data of website of the market, noted that In terms of volume and value global eCommerce sales in 2016 were estimated to be worth $1.86 trillion, and are projected to grow to $4.48 trillion by 2021. That is a big business by any measure.

As a spirit of revolutioner eCommerce, almost all digital system is shifting to blockchain technology. The shift was chosen because of the decentralized, easy of usage, and the secure indeed. Omnitude is the one. Omnitude also as a pioneering project to revolutionize connectivity is a blockchain smart platform that connects blockchain technologies, eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems involved in building end-to-end supply chains.

Simple it is a digital platform, Omnitude focusing on raising the online retail marketplace to be more transparent, profitable and secure. By using Omnitude will enable rapid deployment without a need to replace current systems that can make a risk of other also because of not efficient.

What the most problem enable in eCommerce?

The potential of eCommerce market as we see is big opportunities to get an advantage but it emerges a criminal that easy to get the victims, there are theft identity and fraud. Online payment fraud is set to not only keep the pace but grow to be a bigger problem for eCommerce. For instance, a case was in 2016, for every $100 spent through eCommerce, fraudsters stole 5.65 cents.

The role of Omnitude will do for?

By the excess of blockchain technology, it will help Omnitude to achieve and prepared to solve problems that in previously were not possible to clear. Some of them are:

  • The creation of transparent, accountable, and supply chains;
  • An effective step reduction the fraud in eCommerce;
  • To give an allow for customer identity use any Omnitude was connected to eCommerce site;
  • The integration blockchain between enterprise systems such as ERP & WMS.

Not only that, as caring to society and also as an umbrella to share and educate each other, Omnitude built a community as Omnitude Apps.

The Omnitude Solution to eCommerce problems?

In this unstable environment, ensure the merchants need an effective dan sophisticated solution to prevails. Both of single Identity & Reputation of Omnitude will help merchants to reduce the fraud, theft of identity, fraudulent transactions are using diverge identities by that someone who had stolen and then spending the credit card or account.

How Omnitude take to bring into reality?

Roling as a middleware, Omnitude platform will enable a simple way to integrate with blockchain technology which transforms their capabilities. To take it, Omnitude will through two phases are:

  • Phase One
    On the first phase is focused on launch the Omnitude platform. The numerous technologies and platforms are going circuit and allow to start to use it then take advantage of blockchain technology in quickly and efficiently.
  • Phase Two
    On the last phase, Omnitude apps will be built to solve specific use cases. There are already several Omnitude Apps designed for to handle detail in the use cases section. Omnitude technology will give an access to a variety of different applications to be built and support these communities to develop their own, through open documentation such as code and support.

The Initiative Token of Omnitude

To aid the funds, Omnitude has the initiative to launch ECOM utility token which presents a robust option to realize the potential rewards as a pioneering project. The ECOM token will be launch and to reach the proposal to fund the development of the Omnitude platform and ecosystem, to desire the participants operate and secure the ecosystem and create a completion method to interesting society to participate in the Omnitude ecosystem.


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