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Do you like shopping? What bonus do you get from shopping? You may get a discount, cash back, or a gift from what you bought, but is the price you paid reasonably? Not necessarily. Some sellers deliberately raise the price of the goods to impress that they actually give a discount or cash back.

Some others even ‘require’ you to get a gift that is not actually a gift; you have unconsciously bought the gift. Problems like this are often found not only in the offline shop but also in the online shop.

With the easier people to shop without having to go out, some online shop sellers start to use non-transparent sales methods. Instead of giving a discount, they are raising the price so that it is not a discount they give, but just a way to get bigger profits.

Cashbag was created as an online shopping platform that is more transparent and honest in giving price, discount, and cash back. Through blockchain technology, Cachbag tries to provide a new way of shopping online; payment using cryptocurrency. This digital currency is indeed experiencing a very rapid increase in popularity; various parties began to try to use it as a way to provide a fair profit.

Reward and bonus

CBC or CachBag token is a payment tool that will be used in every transaction in the Cashbag ecosystem. You also get bonuses and rewards in the form of CBC which will be directly transferred to your crypto wallet. You will get bonuses and rewards for every transaction you make. Cashbag will even reward each ad you click.

All prices you see are actual prices; Cashbag will not manipulate the price just to make a profit. In addition to price manipulation, another problem that is often found in the cash back system is the way cash back is given. Many sellers give cash back in the form of points or vouchers. To earn points, you will often be asked to create a membership card from a particular store.

This card serves as a media storage point that you can use when you shop at a later time. Meanwhile, the seller who provides the voucher will not ask you to become a member, but usually the voucher can only be redeemed into certain items that you may not need and of course, this has a usage time limit.

Cashbag does not give rewards in the form of ‘weird’ as both of them. Cashbag will instantly transfer rewards into your crypto wallet. It’s like a refund from seller to the buyer. This is clearly different from what traditional sellers do. You will not deal with any number of obscure points or vouchers that are not useful.

There are over 130,000 users and 5000 sellers residing in the current Cashbag ecosystem. They can benefit from every transaction they make transparently. Cashbag also publicly informs all in the ecosystem of how the company earns revenue.

Cashbag earns 1% profit per transaction by sellers and advertisers. However, Cashbag will also reward the merchants and advertisers once they reach certain sales targets.

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