Bittwatt ICO Review – Energy for the 21st Century

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Bittwatt is a platform which is using electricity as its business model. It focuses on helping people gain money while saving the energy on earth. The promises that they give are promising. That is why many people start to buy a token on it.

They are selling the tokens every day. The amount of tokens sold is different in each day, so make sure to always see the official website not to miss out any information. Many people still are not sure about what is this.

Through this information, the information about the business model of Bittwatt will be delivered. Bittwatt main prioritize is to use blockchain to revolutionize how people handle energy.

Their platform and application are built to make sure that they measure the energy output while measuring its price. This will ensure people that they are ready to be professional and not just a plain promise. Peer to peer transaction will also make sure that the platform is trustworthy.

A form of Electricity and Trading Markets

The energy exchanges happened between the producers and suppliers take days to be completed. The electricity’s trade needs to be validated to make sure that it is valid enough to be done.

The consumers can use the unused energy supplies, and they can choose and switch suppliers based on pre-selected criteria available. Reporting electricity to the consumer will be done at the very last 15 days. The unbalances cannot be fixed directly. Thus, it takes time to be corrected accurately.

The consumer needs about 15 days as well to change the energy suppliers. The time needed is different depends on the country itself. It takes about 15 days for UK, 30 days for Austria and for Germany, it will take about two until six weeks. The energy needs to transit through the prior booking in the setup because multi-party transfer cannot be done easily. The single party is preferred in the system.

The Business Model of Bittwatt

The business model of Bittwatt starts with registering the country. The countries which are able to participate is limited. It depends on the country in which Bittwatt is operating.

The countries need to fit in the qualifications and requirements for the Bittwatt. Producers and suppliers need to register as well, not only the participants. Those who successfully match the offers and requests will be officially joining the blockchain. The contract will be sealed and the payment would be done by then.

To make sure that the contract matches the demands, the Bittwatt platform will firstly enable real-time data of the consumption of the blockchain. Then, they will use a reliable system that will match the demand with supply in real time based on the criteria by the producers, suppliers and participants.

After that, they will generate power plants by increasing or decreasing the output for a limited period of time. It depends on the target to balance the system. The participants can also increase the profit by selling the unused energy at a high price. It is good to reduce the pressure on the system.

Bittwatt Token

Total Supply >> 400,000,000 BWT

Token distribution

75% >> For ICO
10% >> For Team
5% >> For Advisors
5% >> For Country advisors
3% >> For Country Marketing
2% >> For Bounty Program

Token Price >> 1 BWT= 0.00027 ETH


Pre-ICO: 35%
ICO Phase 1: 15%
ICO Phase 2: 10%
ICO Phase 3: 5%
ICO Phase 4: 0%

Soft and Hard cap

Soft cap >> $30,000,000
Hard cap >> $36,000,000


Username: Namirah