Basic Benefits of Joining BitRewards

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When you go shopping, would you prefer a cashback option or a bonus for your next purchase? Most people prefer the first option because it is straight and direct. Not many people would be willing to do another purchase, which means that they will have to spend extra. Sure, they get discounts or bonuses, but then again, they also make extra spending.

That’s the idea of BitRewards, a platform for customer loyalty in the form of cryptocurrency. Instead of rewarding customers with fussy and nonsense technicalities – codes, discounts, or bonuses for the next purchase – the system offers Bit token which can be directly sent to the customers’ digital wallet.

This method is more straightforward and liked, mostly because it is more useful and efficient. Customers can redeem the tokens anytime they want to, and if they don’t use the tokens, there isn’t any expired date. They can keep it and exchange it later on.

The Benefits

Basically, it is a system that is beneficial for everyone. Customers will be rewarded in a simple and yet appealing way. They are offered flexibility in managing the rewards as they see fit. Don’t you like it when you are rewarded for every activity you do? When you buy something, you get the reward. When you refer someone, you get another reward. When you refer more, you will get another more.

The point is that businesses value you so much if you become their loyal customers. The more you come back for more, the more tokens you get. And this applies to one establishment. Imagine if you join two or three establishments.

Businesses can make use of the free service while integrating with the platform to pamper their customers. Yes, this system is free; retailers, companies, or sellers won’t have to pay anything. They are only encouraged to buy the tokens, but nothing else. They may have to spend extra but they will get loyal customers in return, which improves business flow and revenue.

BIT Token Allocation

BitRewards development team plans to release 2 billion of Bit tokens, and 1.28 billion of them (meaning 64%) will be released during the sales period. 14% will be used for team and management, 12% for liquidity reserve, 3.5% will be used for advisors, and 2.5% will be used for marketing. The remaining 4% will be equally divided for 2% contingency and 2% bounty.

The funds raised during the sales will be used for:

  • 39% marketing. All activities related to merchant acquisition, sales, and partnerships (including loyalty programs, website builders, expenses for retailers, and others) will be focused on this sector.
  • 27% product development, in accordance to the already planned roadmap
  • 16% management, which includes the executives
  • 12% operations which include staff (non tech) salaries and general operational cost
  • 6% legal which includes contracts and such thing alike

The public pre-sale period is still open, and the crowdsale will start in April. Anyone interested in buying the tokens now, while the price is still low, can always visit the official website, click on the provided link, and complete the purchase. They can even get a bonus for wanting to join BitRewards platform.


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