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Sp8de-When you hear the word spade, then maybe you will imagine about gambling, a deck of cards,magic, or anything related to card. Sp8de can be called as a game. More precisely, Sp8de is a casino game platform. Sp8de was created to provide transparency and ease for its users. Not only that, this blockchain-based platform also acts as an intermediary for distributed casinos.

The corner stone

The underlying issue of Sp8de is the lack of clarity or lack of transparency in blockchain or Bitcoin-based casinos. Blockchain-based casino users, many of them, use this medium to enrich themselves. They ignore the basic principle of blockchain. Many of them do not care about blockchain goals, such as transparency and cost efficiency; they do not care about it all.What is in the minds of the “destroyers” is only a personal advantage. Sp8de was created to minimize it all. Decentralization of transparent gambling is clearly beneficial and pleasing to all.

Many centralized casino users have to pay additional fees, whereas blockchain-based casinos are designed to eliminate them. Sp8de was created to cope with it. As we mentioned earlier that one of Sp8de’s functions is as an intermediary.

Sp8de will eliminate, or if it exists, only add a very small (almost zero) cost increment. This will certainly make gambling through a centralized casino to be more convenient and minimize the possibility of other users to take advantage of other users. To do this, Sp8de has a special programming language on its smart-contract.

The common problems

Like many casino users today, they are still using casinos with the old system; a system created with a one-sided advantage. Those who understand the weakness of a casino system will have a great advantage; not only from the victory but also the advantages gained from exploiting the ignorance of other users.

Another problem is the misuse of blockhouse-based online casinos to launder money, requiring users to invest in certain cryptocurrencies, or deceive users with various benefits to be gained by using the casino and cryptocurrency centers. Users will usually be pampered with many conveniences, but unwittingly, the longer they play the easier they will follow these lies.

Sp8de is created with various regulations that must be known by the user from the beginning. You will indeed be directed to use a specific cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency which is safe and has many users) to guarantee your security during using Sp8de.

Sp8de made a breakthrough; things that are still very rarely done or not even done by similar platform applications. Sp8de provides transparency and effective transactions. This platform tries to provide justice for all (both Sp8de and the users). Sp8de does not act as a dealer, but more like a controller.

This function is rarely owned by other platforms. Usually a gambling platform works like a dealer and does a lot to gain; not in Sp8de. As an online casino platform,Sp8de does benefit, but this advantage is not gained by exploiting the weaknesses of its users. No more purchases of nonessential items and no extra (or minor) cost to transact between users.

SP8DE SPX is a Cardano blockchain enabled new generation gambling platform that is meant to bring satisfaction to the current blockchain casino standardized conditions.

Developed by a large team of cryptography experts, the spade project embraces some of the best innovation practices in the cryptocurrencies industry hence leaving no room for security compromise. In other words, SP8DE SPX is here to make an incredible change in the projection of the gaming industry.

SP8DE Pros

The platform is set to solve the issues related the current igaming industry which is losing credibility with uncertainty terms of operations. The spade blockchain platform allows the execution of thousands of transactions at the same time without causing any restrictions to the users. Everyone has access to the gaming system as long as they meet the primary entry requirements hence covering a huge percentage of the gambling crowd.

Unique Codes

Additionally, the spade smart contract platform is one of its unique codes cannot be altered or manipulated in any way hence eliminating untrustworthy payment processes and biased random game outcomes experienced in the current centralized casino industry.

The blockchain Ouroboros serves as a broadcast channel that guarantees the constant generation of random numbers with the equal chances for everyone to get them in the same way. After all, there is a lot of trust and transparency issues that comes with money handling.

Scripted Language

The platform uses scripts of the unique language that ensures the faster conversion of every transaction to simple numbers allowing the system to pick the essential elements of use in the transaction. This makes the system faster and reliable as the scripted language is customized hence highly interpretable thus easy execution and security of commands.

Encourages Creativity

The spade platform gives innovative individuals a chance to implement the usage of smart contract flexibility to come up with exceptional game designs that fulfill the fantasy of developers. Additionally, the proof-of-stake scalability adopted by the spade platform gives an incredible advantage to earlier participants by giving them access to the next jackpots as compared to later participants who get limited access to the next levels.

Law Abiding

The spade platform is set to abide by all set standardized regulations in the gaming industry.


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