About XchangRate, The Intelligence Trading Platform With Automation

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XchangeRate of course familiar to you with up to date information related to ICO world. However, if you still feel strange, this XchangeRate briefly can be called an intelligence trading platform supported by automation. In addition, also known as the Market Share Strategy for traders, as well as a container community of Cryptocurrency Traders.

In its development, this platform is very interesting because it offers intelligently analyzed data using automation. Therefore, this platform is recommended for you. Well, some of the information is of course just a glimpse of XchangeRate. And for some more information, please refer to the following reviews.

About Xchangerate And Its Mission

It can not be denied anymore that decision-making based on some market movements is a successful trading requirement. In this case, the intelligence and automation of advanced metrics are needed for the collection of relevant information more quickly and easily.

In light of that fact, here XchangeRate proudly recognizes itself to the world. This is because the platform has met all of that inventory, even with a more mixed percentage making it faster and easier to profit and stay safe. This fits perfectly with the mission of XchangeRate. The mission is to create a platform by using added intelligence which includes a variety of important, powerful and valuable trading tools.

XchangeRate’s Exciting Findings

Speaking of what has been found here, it can generally be classified in 3 terms. The first is crypto trading as an established business model, XchangeRate Bridges the Gap, and a Successful Trading Needs. Crypto trading can be said to be an established business model because of some evidence. One of which is with the number of more than 2 million new traders who open accounts with the monthly exchange. In addition, traders also successfully generate unlimited income every day. This growth will open up opportunities for increased liquidity. As well as increased regulatory awareness will bring the stability of the market.

Furthermore, for the second point, here you will find that what used to be an exclusive trade secret, can now be known to all parties. In fact, as a preset on the XchangeRate Platform, now comes the intelligence of trading and data analysis. And finally, XchangeRate also finds a successful trading requirement. Among them include data collection, analytical skills, informed decisions that are true and timely so as to increase profitability, and consistency where everything will work consistently and easily with automation.

A Glimpse Of The Xchangerate Token

Talk about the tokens available here, if the token sales cap is recovered, you’ll find 235,000,000 Tokens in circulation. This figure in it includes bonuses, air drops, and gifts. While the entire token is unsold, it will burn immediately. However, for project owners, as many as 15 million tokens have been preserved and freeze after the completion of the ICO.

Such are some reviews about XchangeRate. After knowing the project and the system interesting, now you can decide for yourself which one is best, join or not. But the sooner you join the course the better.


  • Barbara Bickham-CEO
  • Binal PatelBinal Patel-Chief Technical Officer
  • Peter MoradeyoPeter Moradeyo-Chief Software Architect
  • Tasha SokolovaTasha Sokolova-Chief Content Developer
  • Lu AnzhiLu Anzhi-Team Leader
  • Eldin HericEldin Heric-Mobile App Developer
  • Ashwin MangaleAshwin Mangale-Back-End Developer
  • Radu BalabanRadu Balaban-Front-End Developer
  • Shaojiang CaiShaojiang Cai-Front-End Developer
  • Martin VrkljanMartin Vrkljan-PHP Back-End Developer
  • Martin PanevskiMartin Panevski-Senior PHP Developer
  • Damir SeremtDamir Seremt-PHP Back-End Developer
  • Guillermo TorriginoGuillermo Torrigino-UX Designer
  • VictorVictor Olorunfemi-Chief Communications Officer


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